I studied art in college with a particular emphasis on digital printmaking and digital media.



I love DIY culture because handcrafting is incredibly rewarding. Building great things is at the core of my work.


I’m mostly a self-taught coder. On that foundation I can create database queries and edit Shopify’s liquid code.


Selected Projects

Smart sales reports | Dynamic excel sales report with responsive pivot table and graphs using macros and formulas

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn | Co-host of a crochet and knitting podcast

Book sell sheets | Improved old product sell sheets, for example The Upstairs Wife, The Miracle of Mindfulness, and A God That Could Be Real

Data Analysis Circuit | Final project analyzing public domain data from Inside Airbnb

The Woolly Thistle | Logo designed in Adobe Illustrator for The Woolly Thistle online yarn shop

Pearl and Plum | Logo and business card designed in GIMP for Pearl and Plum's Etsy shop

Alysonchu.com |  An earlier hand coded  version of this site was an exercise in web design and development.  Built with Bootstrap and Viljami Salminen's responsive nav plugin to embrace responsive design

Spaceman (2012) | An experimental webcomic designed and coded for a new media course. By clicking the panels the story is visually presented in a combination of new ways