I studied art in college with a particular emphasis on digital printmaking and digital media.


 I love DIY culture because handcrafting is incredibly rewarding. Building great things is at the core of my work.
My coding experience helps with personal and work projects and translates to fiddling with new languages too.

Selected Projects

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn | Co-host of a crochet and knitting podcast.

Data Analysis Circuit | Final project analyzing public domain data from Inside Airbnb.

The Woolly Thistle | Logo designed in Adobe Illustrator for The Woolly Thistle online yarn shop.

Pearl and Plum | Logo and business card designed in GIMP for Pearl and Plum's Etsy shop.

Pastiche.today | Previously, copyeditor for fashion blog.

Alysonchu.com |  An earlier hand coded  version of this site was an exercise in web design and development.  Built with Bootstrap and Viljami Salminen's responsive nav plugin to embrace responsive design.

Spaceman | An experimental webcomic designed and coded for a new media course. By clicking the panels the story is visually presented in a combination of new ways.